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Deed Bankrupt

When it comes to the expression of love between two people, there are a lot of different ways to get the message across. Deeds work on occasion, but without words they are easily forgotten. For those who grew up in a deed bankrupt family, words mean little to nothing and carry no lasting memory. For that person, words were all they heard, and they always turned out to be hollow, if not right away, then over time. Deeds mean something to this subject. Deeds are what this person is basing any feeling of love on. Just simple deeds.

Paired in a relationship with someone who witnessed hollow deeds in their youth, the spasm of expression is wide and difficult to bridge. One is expected to express in words that are considered, by the one, as impotent and insufficient. The other is expected to express love in simple acts that they experienced, over the first part of their lifetime, carry no potency. One longed to hear the words and still does, the other longed to feel the warmth of kind acts and always will.

The love is there, yet neither sees, feels, or hears it.

Groovy Guru

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