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4/8/2018 I had a very interesting meditation this morning. I found myself at the marina I spent the best part of my childhood in, forty-five years ago. The people who were nice to me, who are dead now, were there. I sat in the marina owner's office (Mr. James) like I used to do as a kid, not more than ten or eleven years old at the time. He would just let me sit there and we would watch the boats come and go from his large glass window overlooking the harbor. He was usually on the phone. This time was no different. He was telling the person on the other end of the line how nice it was to have a place to come to and be how he was. He said everyone really appreciated it. He hung up the phone and looked at me. "We are energy now, looking for a place to be. Thank you for this subconscious world." My mind opened and I saw the people I knew and loved moving about, doing what they used to do, happy. I felt their presence, looked into each of their eyes, and then the experience was over.

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