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People are Like, Whatever

I overheard some youthful college coeds talking about a student friend of theirs who had a visit to the ER. He had so much alcohol in his system that he had to be pumped and given new blood. “He just kept on drinking,” one of them said to the other. “We were all like, whatever,” she went on. The other one just hummed. “Uh-huh.” I sat there and wondered where the disconnect to life value these two seemed to have came from. Societal influence, I suppose. Maybe a competitive spirit, for if he had died in that ER there would be one less person to apply for a competitive job in their field of study. Maybe life just meant to them what life was for the moment, nothing more past that. It could go on for another seventy years or just seventy seconds. To them, it didn’t matter. One of them might say, “Well, people are kind of like data, you know,” then with a twisted face, reflecting on what she just said and trying to believe that she still has an ounce of humanity in her, she would just mumble off with a fading “people are like, whatever.”

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