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Read Minds

After fifty-one years on this planet I have yet to be able to fully read minds. Well, not all the way, as in every word someone is thinking. I can tell what they are thinking, I just can’t recite every word. Most of the time, though, I can tell what they are feeling. The times that don’t fit into the “most of the time” part are the times I just cannot anticipate how that person is going to react based on where they are coming from.

The way each person reacts to external forces is largely based on how that person has interpreted the world up to that moment. They may react one way at one age and totally opposite at another age. The age could be a spread of years or just moments. The key to reading one’s mind accurately is to find out where that person is coming from. Where they grew up, what status the family had in society, if they went to school or not, what their current status in society is, and about a million other factors. Unfortunately, a quick look up and down, in the absence of a nice sit-down over tea in the afternoon, is about all most of us have time for when “reading” a person. And that is why we often get people wrong, and that is why feelings are often hurt, and that is why people often fail to connect, and that is why people often fail to support each other. The rest of the time, things work out pretty well.

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