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Truth from Fiction

I fell into a past experience during meditation this morning. It was another one of those "reprogramming experiences." I was eleven and was asked to clean the rail bumpers on a speedboat owned by the yacht broker in our marina in San Pedro, California. It was 1973. He was stressed and needed it done right away so he could take a client to see an expensive yacht. I scrubbed with everything I had in me but the bumpers would not come clean. He got mad at me and fired me. And he said some awful things about my future, too. I found myself there, watching my 11-year-old self scrub. I told him that the broker should have planned this out days ago. I told him he just didn't have the right cleaner.

I told him not to worry and gave him some orange Goo Gone, a product that he didn't have access to in 1973. The label even had the barcode and the website address on it. The bumpers came out perfect, and the broker was happy, and my memory of that day was changed. - Your subconscious does not know truth from fiction, it just plays what it has been programmed. But the feelings that it plays extend to your physical reality. I can go back now to that memory and see what I saw this morning. It is now a warm memory. Is it real? What does it matter? It brings a physical warmth to my heart, so it is.

Chris Plante

May 11, 2019

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