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Groovy Thoughts in 2024


January 1.  I have simplified my life and have more time than I have had in decades. Now I have time to simplify a few more things.  

January 2.  I was spinning on a bike in a 130 degree sauna last night listening to Stoic philosophy.  The narrator was like, "embrace your discomfort," and I was like, "sure, I can find some of that right now easily enough to embrace."  

January 3.  It is good to take time for yourself.  

January 6.  Patience always pays off.  

January 9.  I just do this for myself.  

January 11.  I'm sad.  People spend so much time messing up the world, when in that same amount of time they could be contributing to a paradise.  

January 14. All I have is my moral compass.  I can only control my mind, only my responses to what I am confronted with.  Peace is only obtainable from within.  

January 20.  Enough people have done enough wrong for me to know what not to do.  

January 23.  People do stuff I don't understand but that gives me a chance to learn.  

January 24.  Time keeps going, but it doesn't matter.  What matters is how you apply yourself.  

January 25.  I cause myself to suffer more in my imagination than I will ever suffer in reality.  

January 28.  I put myself as close to seagulls as I could yesterday.  I saw them as they caught the food in mid-air that I threw them.  It was beautiful to watch them focus.  I was close enough to look right into their eyes.  

January 30.  I would hope that something I do or say in life makes a lasting difference for society.  

January 31.  Being patient is easy.  Being consitently patient is work. 


February 1.  I walked to the beach at 6am in the pouring rain and just listened.  

February 2.  Put every ounce of energy and thought into the moment.  

February 3.  Remember, anxious people want something outside of their control.  

February 4.  If there is someone in your life that you make bad decsions to please, stop it.  

February 6.  Today I will put all my effort into each moment, and I will create as many productive moments as time allows. 

February 7.  Today I will spend time on formulating the direction I wish to take for the rest of my life.  

February 11.  Do something just for yourself every day.  

February 14.  New adventures in old age keeps the mind young.  

February 18.  The mind can be a place of peace or one of turmoil.  

February 22.  There are a lot of words one could use that are better off left out.  

February 25.  Brief moments in life can be the most magical.  

February 26.  Ignore the wrongdoers.  

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