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GROOVY COIN. For the Grooviest of Humanity

we believe in doing good because that is how the world gets better

Groovy Coins are an award concept to incentivize individuals all over the world to get together or go at it alone and change things. They can't be mined with big, expensive mining stuff plugged into a wall somewhere, working night and day. They can only be earned by sincere deeds performed by one human to another, and awarded by a selection process we haven't quite figured out yet. There will be forty-two million units distributed, with each coin representing one-thousand units. Each Groovy Coin will be a .999 one troy ounce gold piece. These won't be cheap medallions, Groovy Coins have to be groovy on their own, so they have to be real. As real as the great folks that earn them. Stay tuned for more insight and a final program announcement before we all get into a new groove.

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