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Groovy Thoughts in 2023



January 1,.  Worldwide Utopia can exist.  It just takes a worldwide change in attitude.  That could happen overnight.  

January 2.  My mantra for the year and all the following years from here on out... "This is me reacting, the situation is just a blank canvas. It has no meaning until I personalize it. Where do you want the story to go? (this is where I find myself right now, that's all it is). Accept where you are without judgment, relax and gain an open perspective. This is how you win the mind game. Centered and at peace you are positioned to create any response you desire. You are not wasting time. You experience being here. Nothing more, nothing less." - Deepak Chopra

January 4.  It seems, if we really try, that we can all get along in any situation.  

January 5. I gave up on therapy sessions and life coaching mania.  The best therapy is just simply digging a ditch.  

January 6.  In a state of peace I can choose how I want the story to go in any situation I am confronted with.  

January 7.  What if nothing bothered you?  

January 8.  What if you let whatever bothers you last for only a moment?  

January 9.  Do dishonest people know they are seen?

January 11.  Sometimes fixing things is as easy as jiggling the connection.  

January 12.  Some things you need, some things you just want.  

January 13.  I had a strange dream last night.  I dreamt I was dead, and with some people who could see me  We were in Las Vegas.  I wandered around for a while not knowing what to do and then met up with them at a coffee shop.  "I think I'll just stay here in fancy hotels," I told them. "I can get into any room I want and go anywhere I want for free..  And it's kind of cool here."  I went on to tell them I would do it for a year and then probably head off to the beach somewhere, then on to Macau.  But I needed new glasses, so one of the guys in the group was going to go and find an optometrist who would make some new ones for me.  I felt very free, and time no longer mattered.  I woke thinking about how time limits me, how I wish I just did what I had to do and what I wanted to do and didn't care about growing old anymore.       

January 14.  Take a moment each day to just let nothing bother you, spend that moment not planning, not worrying, not feeling like you have to do something.  Just stop time and enjoy being alive for once.  

January 15.  If i keep trying to connect with someone I must love them, and If I am not trying, then I guess I don't.  

January 16.  I sat and reflected on my broken heart.  I envisioned a construction crew and a cement mixer.  The crew went to work filling in the cracks in my heart.  i sat up feeling repaired.  I'll be sure to call them next time.  

January 17.  Look out for those who will cause others to suffer to get what they want.  

January 18. When wronged, just move on.  Always point your energy towards good endeavors.    

January 19. Some things bothered me so I talked with a friend about them, and as I did, those "things" were insignificant, and I moved on to more jovial conversation.  

January 21.  Now that I have a lot less time left in life than I did when I was 20, or at least so I thought, I intend to spend it with positive people.

January 22.  There is too much fighting going on. Too much friction. It's all over the news. Don't buy into it. Separate yourself from the noise the media makes. You have the power to make the world a better place right where you stand.

January 24.  Escape from reality is not an option.

January 25.  There is seldom reason to put off a justified fight. 

January 26.  Never insert yourself in someone else's problems unless you are a lawyer.   

January 27.  When I am presented with a risk I tend to take it.  The ones I don't take are the ones i regret.  

January 29.  Numbers don't lie, people do.  But there are reasons, and numbers don't have any.  Consider the reasons.  

January 30.  I can write my own story on this life I have lived.  I choose to write a happy one.  

January 31.  I choose to be patient and positive right now.  And in the next moment, and the next. 

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