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Groovy Thoughts in 2023



January 1,.  Worldwide Utopia can exist.  It just takes a worldwide change in attitude.  That could happen overnight.  

January 2.  My mantra for the year and all the following years from here on out... "This is me reacting, the situation is just a blank canvas. It has no meaning until I personalize it. Where do you want the story to go? (this is where I find myself right now, that's all it is). Accept where you are without judgment, relax and gain an open perspective. This is how you win the mind game. Centered and at peace you are positioned to create any response you desire. You are not wasting time. You experience being here. Nothing more, nothing less." - Deepak Chopra

January 4.  It seems, if we really try, that we can all get along in any situation.  

January 5. I gave up on therapy sessions and life coaching mania.  The best therapy is just simply digging a ditch.  

January 6.  In a state of peace I can choose how I want the story to go in any situation I am confronted with.  

January 7.  What if nothing bothered you?  

January 8.  What if you let whatever bothers you last for only a moment?  

January 9.  Do dishonest people know they are seen?

January 11.  Sometimes fixing things is as easy as jiggling the connection.  

January 12.  Some things you need, some things you just want.  

January 13.  I had a strange dream last night.  I dreamt I was dead, and with some people who could see me  We were in Las Vegas.  I wandered around for a while not knowing what to do and then met up with them at a coffee shop.  "I think I'll just stay here in fancy hotels," I told them. "I can get into any room I want and go anywhere I want for free..  And it's kind of cool here."  I went on to tell them I would do it for a year and then probably head off to the beach somewhere, then on to Macau.  But I needed new glasses, so one of the guys in the group was going to go and find an optometrist who would make some new ones for me.  I felt very free, and time no longer mattered.  I woke thinking about how time limits me, how I wish I just did what I had to do and what I wanted to do and didn't care about growing old anymore.       

January 14.  Take a moment each day to just let nothing bother you, spend that moment not planning, not worrying, not feeling like you have to do something.  Just stop time and enjoy being alive for once.  

January 15.  If i keep trying to connect with someone I must love them, and If I am not trying, then I guess I don't.  

January 16.  I sat and reflected on my broken heart.  I envisioned a construction crew and a cement mixer.  The crew went to work filling in the cracks in my heart.  i sat up feeling repaired.  I'll be sure to call them next time.  

January 17.  Look out for those who will cause others to suffer to get what they want.  

January 18. When wronged, just move on.  Always point your energy towards good endeavors.    

January 19. Some things bothered me so I talked with a friend about them, and as I did, those "things" were insignificant, and I moved on to more jovial conversation.  

January 21.  Now that I have a lot less time left in life than I did when I was 20, or at least so I thought, I intend to spend it with positive people.

January 22.  There is too much fighting going on. Too much friction. It's all over the news. Don't buy into it. Separate yourself from the noise the media makes. You have the power to make the world a better place right where you stand.

January 24.  Escape from reality is not an option.

January 25.  There is seldom reason to put off a justified fight. 

January 26.  Never insert yourself in someone else's problems unless you are a lawyer.   

January 27.  When I am presented with a risk I tend to take it.  The ones I don't take are the ones i regret.  

January 29.  Numbers don't lie, people do.  But there are reasons, and numbers don't have any.  Consider the reasons.  

January 30.  I can write my own story on this life I have lived.  I choose to write a happy one.  

January 31.  I choose to be patient and positive right now.  And in the next moment, and the next. 


February 1.  Take time to do what you have committed yourself to right.  What you are doing at that moment is the most important thing you can do.  

February 3.  Take joy in the success of others.  

February 4.  It's what you do in the moment that matters most.  

February 6.  I would rather make a calculated, careful risk and lose than not risk and regret it.  

February 7.  Surround yourself with the things that represent what you want and not without the things that you want.  

February 8.  When inconsiderate people block your way just go around them.  

February 9.  If you think you are right, and have that feeling that you are, don't let people cause you to second guess yourself.  

February 10.  I spend a lot less time dwelling on what went wrong as I get older and more time enjoying right now.  

February 12. Time is the one gift I can bestow that will continue after i am gone.  

February 13. I reserve the "I told you so" line for people I don't like.  

February 14.  I think you can say "I Love You" without inducing diabetes.  

February 16.  Attacks risk being met with undaunted moral-authority.  

February 18.  A lot of folks know the truth but ignore it to preserve the narrative instead.  

February 21.  The purpose of life is to thrive.  

February 23.  Having kindness and a loving heart is only directed to the deserving. 

February 24.  Why can't we all just get along?

February 26. Set your intentions to have a great life each day and then go about living one.

February 27.  It takes the same amount of time to be hopeful as it does to be depressed.  

February 28.  Sometimes you have to fight for your right to party.  

MARCH 2023

March 1.  When you itemize your life you find that very little matters..  

March 3.  Believe that you will always be okay. Prove it to yourself every day..

March 4.  Take time to think about what you are going to say.  It is the most important moment of your life.

March 5.  Don't chase happiness.  Build it one block at a time.  

March 7.  The lie always feels better than the truth.  

March 8..  Send out good vibrations from your heart today and see how you feel tonight.

March 9.  I smiled in the rear view mirror today and a a smile came back to me.  

March 10.  Being fair to others is always the best choice.

March 12.  I gave up on art because I didn't get enough adoration of what I produced.  I gave up on writing for the same reason.  I lost our business because of stupid laws passed by progressive do-gooders, then watched it go "poof" at the onset of the pandemic.  I was bitter for a few years.  In that bitterness I still kept a glimmer of hope.  I focused on it when everything around me was crashing down.  I cannot begin to get you to understand, unless it has happened to you, what it feels like to watch a decade of hard work fizzle away at the sunset of your working years.  I had to come to terms that age meant nothing, time meant nothing, and failure was only temporary.  It was either that or die.  So I focused on looking for an open door and found one and life is beautiful again.  I'll be writing and painting again soon.   

March 13.  The sea seemed angry yesterday.  I rode on the pathway along the sand and the sea crashed onto the shore, screaming at me to listen.  I think she was telling me there is a storm coming, not from her but an existential one.  She was not just alerting me, though, she was telling me to accept it and change to adapt.  That is when we feel most alive.  That is when the longevity of life no longer matters.  To experience life is much more rewarding than to live it out in years.  Adapting means taking risks., risks that might result in a win, and unfortunately, may result in loss.  

March 14.  It's not easy finding what you are good at and doing it.  It's easy finding what you would like to do and doing that, but that might not be what you are truly good at.  Chances are that happiness won't come doing something that does not fit your vibes.  I know what i would like to do but I'm terrible at it. I'd like to craft a quality piece of furniture or a boat.  I'll take that up as a hobby when I want, or a temporary fling, but not as a source of livelihood.  Maybe if I do it enough I'll get good at it, then I'll have something for myself.  I'll go into the thing knowing that the cost of it will be for my own reward.  Before I do that I want to make a diorama of a night at a concert with these little people I designed.  They are my thing, no one else has done them, and it would be in a very old, rare case I have.  It will be for me, something that I want in tangible form because it is in my head and wants to get out.  But that is how everything in this world is, everything we see or touch or experience was in someone's head first.  

March 15.  We have a ghost.  We live in a 63 year old apartment.  Someone is still here.  It's a nice ghost.  I think it is a she ghost, at least that is the sense I get.  She pokes me with her finger on my arm at around 6:30 am three or four days a week.  The other day she patted me on the shoulder, which was awkward because my shoulder was firmly pressed into my pillow.  I think she just wants me to wake up and get going with my day.  There are days when she lets me sleep in.  She must know that I need the rest, or she may watch me at night and see that I am over-restless.  That really must be, because on the nights I sleep well, or feel like I did,, it is those mornings that she pokes me.  She usually does it three or four times.  Just enough to get my attention.  

March 16.  Time rats out everyone.  it shows no favor to good or bad.  Good people are eventually ratted out as truly being good, and the bad are eventually ratted out for who they are, or who they were.  We can outlive the final opinion that time proves.  The lucky ones who do consider themselves so because they were not found out.  The unlucky ones were good and never were found out, either. I think this concept is easier for me to understand now after being on this planet for six decades.  I have seen the good, fluffy rats and the ugly ones. I have known much more good in my life than bad.  I'm very grateful for that.  Just focus on finding good people.  Your heart will guide you.  It will definitely get stepped on many times, but what is important is the good you have seen and experienced when this life is nearing an end 

March 17.  We all hear our share of "nos."  What we look like, our personalities, our demeanor, and our experience, is not for everyone.  There is always something someone has or someone who is better than us, and always something or someone worse or equal.  We are not for everyone.  That's why we hear the "nos.'  But I am confident there is a rewarding place that each of us can find and thrive in.  

March 18. How do you find another wind?  Life has passed by, it's been 60 years for me.  I have a lot of regrets.  But I have a lot of good memories, too.  And I have done good for others.  It is amazing how youthful I feel in my head.  I'm sure this body is falling apart, or at least will in the next decade or two.  But I feel young, and I think as a youth, and I still dream of new ideas and new beginnings.  I'm not ready to be old yet, and heaven forbid I ever am.  

March 19.  I can change any habits I don't not like in an instant.  It's just a matter of observing, orienting into a new form, deciding to take on my new ways, and acting on them.  I can do this as often as I want each moment.  What saddens me the most is seeing those who gave up.  Not the ones who have given up for a time, but just gave up and will not accept that they can change right now.  Greatness in all forms is in everyone right now.  

March 20.  When I sit down with someone and discuss business I just tell them the truth.  Lately I have found people have not been telling me the truth.  I don't understand why.  I wish they would just say, "hey Chris, come on over and waste your time while we lie to you."  But they don't.  I do what I can to pull the reasons from them.  I suppose it is, at least, good practice for me and it sure gets me out of the building... and there is always a Sushi place i can stop in to afterward.  

March 21.  I have not found the meaning of life yet but I'm pretty sure it's not hate and war.  I'm pretty sure, too, that it is not to live a long time surrounded by doctors and popping pills.  That leaves, joy, love, honor, courage, excitement, and exploring, and other positives, as the ingredients to the meaning of life.  I suppose I can conclude that life is meant to be lived in a positive, joyful spirit.  In that spirit the meaning can be different to each of us, but at least there will be love and honor between us all.  

March 22.  The crowds delight in the demise of others.  Justice should not be a social media event.  But events draw eyes, and that runs up the ad rates, and well, that makes justice a commodity.  God help us all.  

March 23.  I remember vividly and always will a very empowering Shamanic Drum Meditation session a few years ago.   I was going through a very tumultuous time with my business.  The whole model was destroyed by one slimy politician in Chula Vista.  The most damaging attacks on your life will often come out of someplace you never considered.  I had to come up with a way to live and with a hope to wake up with  During the session I locked on to my spirit animal, a dolphin, and in my mind I rode with a pod of them.  There were hundreds.  The sea was swept with high winds, and the waves were crashing all around us.  The dolphins swam under all the rough parts and surfaced when there was a lull.  That gave me an idea.  Swim under the storm. I came up with a concept to implement for my business, and did it.  The concept was good, but it never got steam because just a few weeks later the pandemic hit.  But i had, for a short time, some hope.  With that hope I figured out another way to swim under the storm.  There will be more storms.  Let them pass over you.  

March 24.  Remembering sad feelings from the past brings negativity into your system and causes you to re-live the experience over again.  The last thing you want is to re-live a trauma.  I find that if I look back on my life there are plenty of good memories.  Why is it that the focus in society is on the bad ones?  Psychotherapists do a lot more business focusing on trauma.  I had one once, he told me to go back to a favorite place from my childhood and think of all the good things that happened.  I did, and it worked, I felt great, and I canceled the rest of my appointments with him.   

March 25.  I offered my spot in line at the grocery store to two people today.  I had a bunch of stuff, and some guy came up to the line.  He had a handful of stuff so I let him take my place,  Then a lady and her daughter came up.  They had one box of donuts.  I let them go ahead, too.  I told the lady, "gosh, i probably lost 45 seconds out of my day... I'm not going to miss them." They both thanked me and went on.  I ended up home and still have not missed those 45 seconds.  And I never will.  

March 26.  When I let go of my ego I feel the full force of the vibrations Mother Nature has to offer.  She's sending them out all the time.  They are designed to invigorate and heal the human soul.  Her vibes penetrate us all, if we only have the mind to shed our armor which, for some, is nothing but lack of confidence, grief, hate, revenge, contempt and disdain.  If you feel her vibes then you don't have those issues.  Your soul is filled with love and hope.  Just focus on those.     

March 29.  Accept yourself.  Know that you will be okay.  Keep working, you will find connections with people like you. 

March 30.  Tell the truth as often as you can and you will end up surrounded by people who like hearing it.  

APRIL 2023

April 1.  I would like to see hippies placing flowers in the barrels of guns again.  

April 4.  We should all stop fighting.  

April 5.  People who try to get everything from me end up getting very little.  

April 6. So many have closets full of happy pictures and minds full of miserable memories.  

April 7.  I know when I think positive and play movies of happy times in my head that good vibrations emit.  I can tell that others feel them.  Do you do that?  

April 8.  I think an entire city can be vibrant and beautiful if the people who live in it want it to be.  

April 9.  It's not easy to take a chance on someone when it is your money on the line.  

April 10.  My idea of simpler times is not someone else's. All each of us can do is to carve out a life that we are comfortable in.  

April 11.  Ingenuity and resourcefulness is to be admired with reverence.   

April 12.  My wife and I are celebrating 32 years of marriage today.  I feel as young now as I did all those years ago, only smarter.  The one thing you lose when you age is the naivety that people are willing to forgive.. 

April 13.  I have this manifesting bowl in my subconscious.  I sit at a rowing machine and pull, and a very large, laminated wood bowl with a solid spiral of brass set in the base begins to spin.  I manifest what I want into the bowl and it spins out my wishes to Mother Universe.  And it works.  

April 14,  I have a rock given to me by a nice healer who sells crystals and cool things that everyone should have.  She told me it would protect me.  So this past week I spent a lot of time holding it.  The threat has gone away.  


April 16. The power to manifest is in experiencing the fullness of the present moment. Experience life in it's fulness. Love the moment.  

April 17.  The lyrics to If I can Dream by Elvis Presley:  

There must be lights burning brighter somewhere
Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue
If I can dream of a better land
Where all my brothers walk hand in hand
Tell me why, oh why, oh why can't my dream come true
Oh why

There must be peace and understanding sometime
Strong winds of promise that will blow away the doubt and fear
If I can dream of a warmer sun
Where hope keeps shining on everyone
Tell me why, oh why, oh why won't that sun appear

We're lost in a cloud
With too much rain
We're trapped in a world
That's troubled with pain
But as long as a man
Has the strength to dream
He can redeem his soul and fly

Deep in my heart there's a trembling question
Still I am sure that the answer, answer's gonna come somehow
Out there in the dark, there's a beckoning candle, yeah
And while I can think, while I can talk
While I can stand, while I can walk
While I can dream
Oh, please let my dream
Come true
Right now

Let it come true right now
Oh yeah

April 18. We should all spend more time dreaming of a better world.  

April 19.  I took a walk to the beach, it's just two blocks away, and sat down to meditate this morning.  I wanted to start doing that every morning on January 1 of this year, but I let the tasks of life get in the way.  I wanted to do it this morning at 6:30 am, but fatigue from a long chest cold got in the way.  So I did it at 8m, because there was no one to tell me I couldn't, and I did not let the tasks of life get in the way, so I just did it.  

April 20.  There is a process for everything.  Learn it, then turn it on, then trust it.  For example, it takes two people to create a dispute or to create a friendship.  Be there for the friendship, that is the process.  "No be there" for the dispute, and there will not be one.  You have diffused the process.  

April 21.  I sat down in the sand at the beach this sunny morning to manifest more into my life.  But I didn't focus on any one thing, I just let the Universe know that i wanted the ability to have what I want.  I'll let her decide how I get it.  Now I just have to be receptive.   

April 22.  Life is not a competition.  

April 23.  

Into a soul absolutely free

From thoughts and emotion,

Even the tiger finds no room

To insert its fierce claws


One and the same breeze passes

Over the pines on the mountain

And the oak tress in the valley;

And why do they give different notes


No thinking, no reflecting,

Perfect emptiness;

Yet therein something moves,

Following its own course


The eye sees it,

But no hand can take hold of it –

The moon in the stream


Clouds and mists

They are midair transformations;

Above them eternally shine the sun and the moon


Victory is for the one,

Even before combat,

Who has no thought of himself,

Abiding is the no-mind-ness of Great Origin

by a Taoist Priest, cited in Tao Of Jeet Kun Doe, by Bruce Lee

April 24.  I'm in the process of making a decision about something.  So I looked for help in my subconscious.  What I have and continue to manifest in that same subconscious is for open doors.  Deciding yes would open a door, deciding no would not open it.  If I want to fill my promise to be receiving to whatever the Universe offers, then, if the choice is well thought out and I can conceive a positive outcome, then I should be open to he offer saying yes to this decision will come to me.  

April 26.  I have been focusing on one important thing each day.  That one thing, accomplished, makes for a great day.  

April 27.  Am I trying to see the world as it "should" be or can I shift my mental concepts and see the world as it is right now?

April 28.  "Orientation isn't just a state you're in; it's a process.  You are always orientating."  John Boyd.  You must always be ready to build your life out of the parts left from the crash.  

April 30.  I am fortunate to live in a situation wherein there are many parts laying around for me to build my new life with.  

MAY 2023

May 3.  I will do what is right for myself and my family.  The noise of opposition just passes by.  

May 8.  By achieving, I will be rewarded.  

May 24.  Nothing "makes" me feel anything, what I feel is what I choose to feel.  

May 26.  The game ends when there is only one player.  

May 27.  You cannot change what has happened to you in the past. Instead, you can change the mind's perception and the weight of the heavy feelings that the past memory holds. This is when you are completely allowing the subconscious mind to cope with things it never got to cope with in the past. - Danna Pycher

JUNE 2023

June 6.  What is contractually right and what is morally right may not match.  

June 16.  Life is way too short and too precious. . Don't expose yourself to contention.  

June 24.  Peace is wealth.  

June 30. Happiness comes and goes.  Contentment can be consistent.  

JULY 2023

July 2.  Hey, it's July 2nd, and I'm doing pretty good.  How about you? 

July 8. Pathological liars have a hard time remembering what story they previously told.  

July 9.  Find something in the moment to be grateful for.  

July 19. Going through turmoil helps you to connect to the majority of the human race.  I suppose that is good.  

July 23.  I want to do what I might be doing at my last moment.  

July 28.  Patience and sincere kindness really make a difference.  


August 5.  I have been spending more time in my subconscious lately, just fixing stuff so I can send good vibrations most of the time.  It's working.  

August 13.  I went into a trance on the rowing machine last night in the sauna where it is 130 degrees.  I found myself rowing with my ten-year old self and the man who owned the yacht my mom and her husband at the time worked on.  Harold Barneson.  He was a Rear Admiral in the Coast Guard.  He taught me how to tie a bowline knot with my eyes closed and how to row in the ocean on a long two person dory.  I sat in the dory (in my mind it was now a three man dory) and rowed and listened to Admiral Barneson and my ten-year old self talk.  I felt the waves toss the boat and the oars shutter as they skipped along the surface of the ocean as we each reloaded our row. The three of us had a great time.  My childhood was filled with a lot of sad experiences.  You cannot change the past, but you can change your perception of the past.  I experienced watching myself have a fun, exciting moment and that moment is now a memory that I have had for 51 years.  It feels imbedded in my soul.  

August 21.  Conduct yourself so that you have no regrets.

August 22.  The best stuff we can have too much of is the memories of our experiences.  

August 28, 2023. We can make our beautiful dreams come true.  We just have to want to.  

August 29.  What if we all just ignored hatred?

August 31.  No man made thing is as important as a nurturing relationship between living beings.  


September 7.  I really believe in the power of manifestation.  What I understand now more than ever is that I will get what I desire, the Universe will definitely deliver it to me, just not as expected and through, what may seem at the time, a very painful process.  

September 12.  I have been rowing in a sauna lately.  It's a miserable experience. But I spend 45 minutes inside my head, manifesting my wishes, reminiscing on past experiences of my childhood, visiting old friends.  The absence of visual stimulation is good for me.  It's what I need.  It makes me stronger mentally.  

September 26.  People used to say about me, when I was young, that I was not confident.  I always was, I was just nice, holding back what I could really do to them if I let myself.  

September 30.  There is way too much fighting going on all around me.  People can't just let things be.  


October 9. Life can seem beautiful within a bubble of insanity.

October 26. I feel like I am at a bar in Las Vegas watching my life play out.  

October 31.  Halloween this year is the least scary event happening.  


November 13. I think the human race is already at war.  It would be so easy not to be... 

November 17.  War can be avoided with brief moments of kindness.  

November 20. We have two hummingbird feeders outside our window.  Two birds fight over the feeders all day.  There is enough for both of them.  They are like people, they fight over plenty.  

November 29.  I think the meaning of life is to just enjoy each moment. You really never know what will happen in the moment after.  


December 4.  'm not in the Christmas Spirit.  I'm wanting to make a difference but not interested in tinsel.  I want to decorate life long term.  

December 10.  I hope when I look back that I can accept the silent moments as just as beautiful as the ones lived.  

December 11.  There is no sense in wondering how life "could have been" because you really don't know how the "could haves' would have turned out.  

December 12.  I can't believe that I am still alive.  

December 20.  I was questioning my purpose in life but what all I needed was peace.  

December 21.  I question my worth in life but that is not up to me to decide.  

December 24.  We will be surprised when we find out the extent of the influence we had on others.  

December 28.  The meaning of life is what you give it each day.  

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