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Groovy iDeas from Groovy Guru

feel free to chip in...

iDeas have power only when shared, then acted upon. We don't want "posts" here about what you had for dinner last night. We want to hear what you think, feel, believe, wish for, dream... Pitch in with your groovy ideas and make a difference for all of us.


iDeas about Life

How to live it, how not to live it, what we have all learned - just share it all here. Someone will deeply appreciate your iDeas.


iDeas about Thought

Groovy thoughts about thoughts, where they originated, what inspired them, and where they could take us.


iDeas about Relationships

Yikes! Talk about something that consumes us all! Maybe with enough help we can all learn to get into a harmonious groove.


iDeas about the Past

History. A lot of stuff has happened for us humans of the present to learn from. Some of it is groovy, and some of it is not so groovy.


iDeas about the Future

Let your creativity flow here. The future can be bleak or beautiful. Did global warming kill us all by 2030? Or are folks laughing at it over a beer on a mild day in August of 2069? What happened in the mean time?


iDeas about Death

This one is pretty complex. Death is a clear concept, of course, but what happens after - well, that seems to cause some serious contention. What do you think?


iDeas about Creativity

Try describing an art piece before it becomes reality. Or a photograph. Or a giant sheet of silk spread out over a crop of corn. Or an idea to make life easier on millions, or one to alleviate world hunger. Just be sure to be creative.


iDeas about Belief

This is a scary one. We want you to share all your ideas on belief with our readers, and we want the readers to promise to be civil with their responses!

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