Groovy Thoughts for 2022
because I've got to jot them down


January 2022

January 12.  I started out the new year with a post on groovyguru, then found a hacked page the very next day.  Well, actually two days later.  The site that I had worked on for 11 years was ruined.  My hosting service has been emptying malware for a week with little results.  I am building it back.  I could have been upset, defeated, ready to rip my shirt and run down my street screaming.  But I just looked at it and thought, "well, it needed an overhaul, anyway."  There is always something to be grateful for.  In this case it is a better website in a few short weeks.  

January 13.  If people are not with you then don't be with them.  Use your energy to enhance people that use some of theirs for you. 


Don't ever be afraid to back up and eat crow if you make a mistake.  Own it and move forward.   

January 14. Don't be afraid to call people to the mat, like, right away, without a moment's hesitation.  If they are being assholes why prolong the diagnosis?  

January 15. It does not matter when you start.  Just start.  

There's no winning in a relationship.  It's not about winning, it's about showing one's character.