Groovy Thoughts for 2022
because I've got to jot them down


January 2022

January 12.  I started out the new year with a post on groovyguru, then found a hacked page the very next day.  Well, actually two days later.  The site that I had worked on for 11 years was ruined.  My hosting service has been emptying malware for a week with little results.  I am building it back.  I could have been upset, defeated, ready to rip my shirt and run down my street screaming.  But I just looked at it and thought, "well, it needed an overhaul, anyway."  There is always something to be grateful for.  In this case it is a better website in a few short weeks.  

January 13.  If people are not with you then don't be with them.  Use your energy to enhance people that use some of theirs for you. 


Don't ever be afraid to back up and eat crow if you make a mistake.  Own it and move forward.   

January 14. Don't be afraid to call people to the mat, like, right away, without a moment's hesitation.  If they are being assholes why prolong the diagnosis?  

January 15. It does not matter when you start.  Just start.  

There's no winning in a relationship.  It's not about winning, it's about showing one's character.

January 17.  Yesterday was nice because I made it a point to make it nice.  That can be every day.

January 19.  I really believe in karma.  

January 20.  Find a source of positive energy to tap into and keep it close.  

January 22.  Star trek Next Gen Season 4 Episode 21 "The Drumbeat"

"With the first link, the chain is forged.  The first speech censured. The first thought forbidden.  The first freedom denied. Chains us all irrevocably."  

January 23.  Soak in the sun whenever you can and cherish its warmth on your skin.  

January 24.  This is me reacting, the situation is just a blank canvas. It has no meaning until I personalize it. Where do you want the story to go? (this is where I find myself right now, that's all it is). Accept where you are without judgment, relax and gain an open perspective. This is how you win the mind game. Centered and at peace you are positioned to create any response you desire. You are not wasting time. You experience being here. Nothing more, nothing less. - Deepak Chopra.

January 25.  “I can’t understand people who will not take the risk of losing.” Richard Nixon

January 26.  Never threaten. People are capable of anything.  

January 27.  Dont be afraid of yourself for losing it now and then.  We are all human. 

January 28.  I've tried life coaching and meditation, but what works best for my brain is Hypnotherapy, and secondly, Shamanic Drum meditation focused on my spirit animal, the dolphin.  In that realm I just watch the dolphin charge forward.  She's persistent playful, forceful, and limber.  I focus on a subject in hypnotherapy and I feel like an app has been downloaded into my brain.  Its all very cool.   

January 30.  People have to save themselves, sure, but still put your hand out for them.  

January 31.  Are the Karen's wearing armbands yet?


February 1.  I can't give everyone what they want when I only have one to give.  

February 2.  Not my quote, but needs to be considered.... "As long as people bicker about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, people will never stop to ask if angels on pinheads exist in the first place.”

February 3.  Hate of another is not a solution for sustainable change.  


 I don’t believe in giving up. I believe that resources are unlimited. I believe there is more than plenty for every human on earth. I believe in ingenuity. I believe all the ideas, knowledge, innovation and hope that humankind has ever conceived is surrounding each of us, attached to atoms, standing quietly between strands of light. It’s all there, and all we need is to be out of the fog and aware. Then we will see, feel, and hear it all. I believe a beautiful life is there for all of us to have simply by earning it.

February 4.  I long for the days when people flashed peace signs and wished for love.  

February 5.  The tombstone on the grave of the human race.  "Hate Killed Them All."  

February 6.  Change can happen in a moment.  Love is free.  Call on it right now. 

February 7.  Resist hate.  Give love.  

February 8.  Love yourself first.  Then you will always be in a healthy position to lend a hand to others.  And never let anyone take advantage of you.  Protect yourself and you have loved yourself.  

February 10.  I don't believe in forgiving people who have done horrible things.  They should move on to the next life with a soul wrenching desire to have done better, so that maybe they will.  

February 11.  It's best just to say what is on your mind rather that make people wait at the edge of the dance floor.  


February 12.  I have to respect people for believing in something they think will be the glue that binds them to humanity.  And for that reason I cannot criticize what it is they believe in.  

February 13.  I recently extended trust to. two people I do business with.  It was not returned.  I no longer do business with them.  .  

February 14.  Love is real when showed with action.  

February 15.  Conflict takes two parties.  Don't be one of them.    

February 16.  It's what happens in the moment that changes the future. 

February 17.  Sometimes it is best just not to say anything at all.  

February 18.  Let people decide and then let it go. 

February 19.  Anger weakens those it consumes.

February 21.  Don't ignore your cardio.

February 22. I don't believe people need to escape from trouble.  I believe we all need entertainment, but not as a source of escape.

February 23.  The academics and politicians will drown us into another war.  And it won't be the last.  

February 24.  People who sit in their comfortable arm chairs from thousands of miles away with a glass of scotch and cry that they 'Stand with Ukraine" are not even standing.  

February 25.  People stabilize when certainly prevails. 

February 26. I see so many people stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.  

February 28.  Manifest war and war will come.

MARCH 2022

March 1.  When the media gangs up on one nation and pushes them into the corner that nation will give birth to a tyrant.  

March 2.  Society functions best in certainty.  

March 4.  We have not learned from history and will only build back worse.  

March 5.  I'm not sure that ruining an entire country's monetary system is the best way to disagree with their leader.  Why bring more people into the fight?

March 6.  I'm all in on the great re-set of the mind.  But then it is a natural occurrence, something never forced from the third person,.     

March 7.  People want to feel relevant.  Let them feel it.  

March 8.  I don't understand people who manipulate.  Whatever is in it for them is never of any lasting value.  

March 9. Anticipation is simply sensitivity in action.

March 10.  The once excluded take their revenge and the tables turn but nothing ever gets fixed.

March 11.  Be the same person the people who love you have always known. 

March 14. Just keep moving forward.

March 15.  I'm just hanging on to the moments and enjoying them the best I can.  

March 17.  We bring our children into the world and give them a part of ourselves that will always be with them wherever they go. And we fill that void with the memory of each moment we were blessed to be with them.

March 18.  It's a wonderful world.  Just take it in.  

March 21.  Immerse yourself into a goodness that will consume you.

March 24.   If you constantly search for OPPORTUNITIES, ABUNDANCE, LOVE, and THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR, it will make it much easier to find a reflection of those things around you. It takes practice, but over time, this is a powerful way to reshape your reality.

March 25. Ignoring good deeds in favor for those from one's own position is simply evil.  

March 26.  Seems like the folks who scream and accuse and point their fingers are the ones with the their fingers curled towards them.   

March 28.  When the circumstances change. change game.

March 29.  We can fill our hearts with love or with hate, it's our choice.  

March 30. I fail to see the satisfaction of winning through manipulation unless evil is the motivation.  The act is meaningless.  

March 31.  When you don't have a door to go through get out your axe and break down the wall and crash through anyway.  

APRIL 2022

April 1.  Seems like every time I "wait to see" it works out.  

April 3.  Paint your world how you want it.  

April 4.  Keep the people who care about you close.

April 5.  I wish people were focusing on peace right now.  It's a good wish.  

April 6.  Expect the uncertainty of war.  There is less money in peace.  

April 7.  There is an ugly mist of hate rolling across the earth.   

April 8. I let my fears overcome me.  They felt like a heavy weight on my chest for day after day, week after week.  I tried eating differently, taking herbs, exercising.  All that is good.  But my fears were still there.  I had to do something with them.  I sat in the sand on the beach yesterday and slipped into my meditative world,  A craftsman from the village that I imagined and constructed to feed me tools I can apply in my mind suggested a shed to put my fears in.  We took a helicopter to a jungle and there he had a stainless steel polished shed for me.  He had me put my fears in boxes and label them, then one of his welders sealed the door and polished the welds down to hide the opening.  "You won't be able to find your fears now," he smiled. I'm feeling better now.  

April 9.  There is always something to be grateful for.

April 10.  The OODA Loop is a mental process. The mind goes through a constant loop: Observe.  Orient. Decide. Act. Each action produces a new situation that the OODA Loop can be applied to again.  The process can be used in any type of situation, physical or psychological.    

April 11.  If everyone just focused on having good vibrations I think the world would change for the better.  

April 12.  ...and if everyone just focused on doing something good each day I think the world would be a better place, too.

April 13.  When all hope is gone that is the time to hope for a time when you can have some.  

April 14. Help your family.  Be there for them.  

April 16. Life is what I experienced in the past moment.  

April 17.  Keep the karma flowing.

April 18. The past is what you learn from.  The present is what you make of it.  

April 19.  We are headed toward a future where stuff means little and moments mean everything.  

April 20.  I have been harping on "moments" the past few days.  They mean everything to me.  

April 21.  Give people a moment.  It will be appreciated.

April 22. I don't have much future left, so I cherish the next few moments.

April 23.  Find a reason to live until you find another reason to live.  

April 25.  We hold on to living because it is what we know. 

April 26.  Humanity will self destruct because it chooses to.  

April 27.  Living beings like positive energy.  

April 28.  I think we will all be coerced into not owning anything and being happy by miserable people who will own everything. 

April 29.  The "Happy Guru" business is going to be big.  

April 30.  I think people need to bond with each other face to face now more than ever.  It's time to get away from the screen.  

MAY 2022

May 1.  Time and space is flexible.

May 2.  Everyone has to live somewhere and get from point A to B sometime.  

May 3.  People like to feel something. 

May 4. I have a lot of regrets about how I raised my two sons. I rarely missed and opportunity to give them confidence, though, and for that I am grateful.  They both turned out amazing.  It just goes to show me that people can become what they want regardless of their environment. 

May 5.  I spent the month of April having one panic attack after another.  It was nearly unbearable.  I tried everything to settle down.  Magnesium pills along with doses of a special herbal formula of anxiety drops finally got me stable.  There was nothing anyone could do or say that would help.  I was in my own little world, a very frightening one, and I had to climb out myself.  

May 5.  I go to bed each night with a broken heart.  

May 6.  At some magical moment in the early morning while I sleep my heart fills with hope.  It's what I wake with, and it's how get through my day.  I just wish it would not leave me.   

May 6.  I gave my energy today to fix someone, and now I have to get enough of it back to stay me. 

May 7.  Today I laid on the beach and let the sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun cleanse my soul.  

May 8.  Patience brings peace.

May 9.  I think people are about to find out what really matters in life.  

May 10.  I spent some time meditating on the beach after work yesterday.  My uncle Tom.  He and his fiance' were lounging on the beach in my heart, where I made a pace for them.  Or where they made a place for themselves.  Anyway, I keep it nice and warm and beautiful for them.  I don't remember his finace's name.  I have to dig through family pictures or ask some old family member if they remember... She said to me, "Chris, it doesn't matter here what you had or didn't have in life, there is no envy here."  A few other people who have passed came to me while I rode along the strand to home a little later.  "It doesn't matter here.  We have all we need."  I heard that all along the path.  They whispered it through the crashing waves as I rode by.  

May 11.  I just wish for people to be happy with what they have in the moment so they can be happy with what they have in the future.  

May 12.  Let go of control.  Let others govern themselves.  Let them learn from their mistakes.  

May 13.  Uncertainty of a future propels us to the present.  

May 14.  I stand at point A and turn in a circle looking for hope.  That's point B.  The circle is pretty fucked up right now, Time to draw a new circle.   

May 15.  Humanity is infected with envy, and that, more than greed, drives the race to accumulate more of a thing or things. It's an easy race to stay out of when you understand the abundance this beautiful earth has to offer. Everything everyone needs is here, right now, and will be in the moments following..

May 16.  I'm going to do my best to be positive today.  It's better than the alternative.  

May 17.  A positive attitude opens the doors to positive opportunities.

May 18.  God doesn't make things happen.  They just happen because billions of organisms constantly collide, each with it's own perception.  None of it means anything until one reacts.  Think before you react.  Make it mean something good.  

May 19.  I wish more people could grasp the concept that every moment is a chance to start over.  

May 20.  What we carry in our hearts either gives us life or kills us slowly.  

May 21.  Feed your subconscious truth.  

May 22. Two years ago I began manifesting what I wanted in my life, in detail.  It's a complex vision requiring patience to see to fruition. The first step has become reality for me.  

May 23.  I'm not so sure there is any way to prepare for what we are all facing except for to prepare our minds to focus on the moments that will come.  

May 24.  True wealth is not what you have, but what you experience.  

May 25.  Give, but qualify the recipient. 

May 26.  Energy vampires suck. Give them something dry.  

May 27.  I suppose having no thoughts can be a moment of cleansing.