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There is a consequence to every reaction to every event. All those consequences need to be in the public conversation. Ignoring any one of them lessens the authenticity of any one person who omits any known fact. Are you considering all the effects to the entire population? It’s the way we progress to a higher level of humanity. Gluing ourselves to an agenda alienates us all. We have built walls around our ideals. We stand at the top of our fortified community and shoot arrows of disdain at those who disagree with us, then we duck and hide.

I honestly believe we are all better than that. I honestly believe we can be better than that, so much better that we cannot even imagine how beautiful this world could be.

But first, we have to consider everyone. Let go of the “agenda.” It’s nothing but a manipulative attempt to control. A plan to control the human spirit is only disdain for humanity. Let go of holding on to anything at all.

Chris Plante

March 27, 2020

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