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Convergence of Life

A convergence of life. We seek places where we can feel alive. Even when facing certain death from sickness or old age, we still seek a place we can feel life in. Different shapes, different faces, different ages. We find variety. We listen in, watch, and try to feel with our souls. We shorten the distance between these places whenever we can, then try to find new ones on the trip to or from.

We want to change scenery, change colors, change songs, and hear new stories. But we want to do all that with people. Other life like ourselves. With an occasional cat thrown in. Or at least a picture of one.

We wear mementos around our necks. Carry an old coin or a trinket in our wallets. Something that attaches us to something. Something we need to share with someone else. It used to be a photo. One we could feel and protect from being wrinkled. Now we carry thousands of photos on a screen. So we replace the one photo lost within a myriad of others and carry something tangible, outside of our world of digital blips.

Convergence is a state. It is tangible, something we can be with. We are constantly attaching ourselves to that which we can see, touch, feel with our souls. When we get to the there we are going, when we leave there, and in between. It is how we feel alive, no matter what our condition.

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