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Crosslegged Observations

Meditation in the pool. At first the idea of being under water in the silence was very intriguing. With the pool all to myself and only beams of light to disturb the layers of water resting on each other there was no movement except for a short quiver around me as I made my nest. The floor of the pool is soft and I feel light on it. The usual sounds of the city are gone. The helicopters. The sirens. People. There is nothing. Unfortunately, meditation requires deep breathing, which immediately became an issue.

I opted to keep the sun on my face and the sounds of the city in the background. Sitting on the pool steps, I tuned all the noise out and went to breathing. I fell into a state of emptiness, having a clear mind unobstructed by thoughts, past, or future. New thoughts, coming ever so slowly, like the gently moving water on the surface of the pool, filled my mind. “Who has time to do this?” came the question in the form of a woman’s voice. “Everybody,” someone answered. “Everyone has time to do what they make the time to do.” The woman sighed a sigh that sounded less and less as it floated into the distance. I was alone with the lingering question and the immutable answer. The session was over. It was time to go to work. But I made time for this, so the day was off to an amazing start.

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