Diversity of Ideas

I think what makes America so great is the diversity of ideas that exists within its boarders and the freedom to carry out those ideas by the individual. This freedom is what connects us all. I think people from all sides should be tolerant of differing views and practices, as long as each individual functions within the laws agreed upon by society. I think those who want the laws to weigh on their side need to chill and join in with the rest of the human race. Everyone has chosen a way, so everyone either needs to be confident in that way or change. And I think people of like minds should be able to benefit their own kind. Exclusion within any kind of faith or culture is not discrimination. It is simply the free market of ideals at work.

America is great because of diversity. Not just of ideas, but of people. It is colorful, vibrant, and full of energy. Some of the most enjoyable parts of America to live in are also the most diverse.

If, for a moment, we could see not each other and things, but just the energy, then we would see the dots, and they would all be connected. Just like we truly are.

Groovy Guru

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