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Feel the World

Our thoughts are inspired by our feelings, which are driven by our thoughts about the environment around us. We process ourselves constantly, turning thoughts into feelings and then feeling the inspiration, turning that inspiration into a form of communication. The form takes shape as written words, music, film, live stage, art. It takes shape as a product, a part, an intricate piece of machinery, a building. It lives as a tangible or an intangible. It can be a process, or part of a process. Society either accepts it or rejects it. The acceptance can range wildly. Society may go mad about it for decades, or just for a fleeting moment. Or not at all.

I think the failures can be chalked up to an either inaccurate or incomplete interpretation of the environment one is in when the thought is inspired. Simply put, the person doing the interpreting is not paying full attention to his or her surroundings. They are avoiding crucial information that is probably right in front of them and replacing the information with what they know, which was derived from past experience outside of the inspired moment. As a result, the moment is lost.

In order to really feel the world around us, we have to let what we know go for the moment. We have to groove in the now naked of what we had moments before. Confident in what and who we are, we leave it all aside and become more.

We’ll pick up who we were at the door on the way out, and stroll down the street a little more complete.

Groovy Guru

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