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Freedom to Live

We often pass up on investing as an aspect of “future think.” But it is an important component, for if it is done right, we age with the freedom to live our lives. The following is an excerpt from my next book, “Living The American Dream, One Cupcake At A Time,” in which a character named Leslie Bianaford advises the protagonist and his wife on property acquisition:

“You’re going to buy a house to live in, just the two of you?” she asked. Maggie and I had sat down with Leslie after her impromptu cello performance. It was a cool night, but the fire pits which dotted the patio off the lobby kept us warm. “You are going to sink all your money into a place you have to babysit?” she asked in follow up. “It would be a home to live in,” I replied. “Living is not about having walls and a roof around you,” Leslie shot back. “Living is about having the freedom to live. You need money for that.” Then she leaned a little forward. “Buy income, not a home. Don’t focus on the cute little home with the cute little kitchen, or one of those mid-century places that are the rage these days. You will spend your days and all your money repairing your home and won’t have any left to repair your lives after you spent them on the walls around you.”

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