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Hiding Behind the Calm

I once had a meditation guide. She was amazing. So calm. She taught a group of us every week in a peaceful setting. I came to understand myself better than I ever had. I don't regret a moment of it.

I wonder where her calmness went. She was unhappy with the sitting President of the United States at the time. I'm not here to judge her decision. We all have our preferences. But the calmness I saw in her left the moment that President left the White House. She no longer maintains her woo-woo FaceBook page, or advertises her meditation services. She's all over twitter, complaining, crying foul, chanting war.

I realize now that she dove deep into meditation, and hell, might as well make some money while doing it, to escape from the angst she had because her "gal" had not won, because the agenda she aligned herself with was not being promoted.

She was not looking for real balance, as we all were striving for while sitting cross-legged, but for a temporary fix until she could let her hate reign.

What I learned, though, was to have real balance. I learned it by seeing someone not have it.

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