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I'm on Fire

I found a place in my subconscious this morning that has no boundaries, no ending, and is buzzing with unlimited energy.  I sat with an old friend, one from long ago who is long gone now, and just felt the power around me.  “This is where we got our energy,” my friend turned to me and said.  “We went within, and pulled from it, and applied it.”  I reached over to a loose cord plugged into a post, the little light blinking green on the edge of the plug.  I stuck it into my side.  My friend looked at me with disapproval.  I felt the need to bring him into my time. “Our visualizations are aligned with our technology,” I confidently said to him.  “The cord is just a representation of how power gets to a device.  I am the device.  The power is here,  So I am plugged in.”  He shrugged his shoulders and we sat, silently again, just drawing in the energy around us. 

“How will you apply all this?” he asked.  “I need to clear out the stuff that does not serve me,” I answered.  We sat silently again, and I envisioned all the “could haves” and “would haves” I weighted down on myself, and all the details of the “whats” and “hows” and “whens” that were flung at me all day, every day, from those around me.  I bottled them all up and threw them as hard as I could, letting out a strong yell as I did.   The energy around us, visible in waves of colors, carried that bottle away into the distance, where it flashed into nothingness.  I felt relieved, then a little empty, then filled with new power.  I saw myself on fire.  The fire engulfed me and surrounded my space.  My old friend complained of being too hot and moved a little from me.  We sat silently.  “It’s just a modern thing, I think,” I said to him through the flames.  “Whatever,” was his reply. 

I know how to get back to that place.  My friend will be there, or perhaps a different friend from ages past.  I know they all go there, because he told me so.  It’s how they continue to be forces of energy.  They are in my mind, and in many others.  This place of boundless energy is in everyone’s mind.  It’s in yours, too.  A place of no restraints, no fatigue, no limits, and free of all those could haves and would haves and whats and hows and whens.  I’ll be going back again soon. 

Chris Plante

October 2, 2018

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