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Illustrates a Moment

This dream illustrates a moment when death is imminent but concerns at the moment are focused on property damage and financial reimbursement, along with the flow of traffic. You are welcome to find more points…

January 29, 2015

I just woke up from a freaky dream. I had walked out to the front yard of a house. My family and I were apparently living in Houston, Texas. We had just had sprinklers installed, which is kind of stupid because it rains all the time there. The contractor was somewhere at the end of our street. I realized I had to settle up on the bill, so I got in my car and set out to find him. That is kind of OCD, because he was sure to come back to our house. I could have just stayed where I was. I found him about two blocks down talking with someone. He motioned that he would meet me. I went to turn around but there was no place to make a legal turn, so I headed down a busy street. There was an exit, which turned into a freeway, which turned into another freeway. A few moments later my GPS flashed pictures of police and “FREEWAY FREEZE” in big, bold letters. “I just went to the end of my street!” I yelled at the windshield. There were police cars everywhere on the freeway, headed every direction, all stopped and manned by officers with their guns drawn. They were all pointing past me, to a warehouse dock that faced the side of the freeway just a few yards from where I had stopped. There was a man holding a girl with a gun to her head. Another man with a gun was talking to him. “We need to let her go, I know another way we can get out of this,” he said. There were a few more men, all with guns, sitting on the dock with their backs to a wall.

The first man let the girl go. She jumped off the dock into the arms of two policemen and was whisked away. They took her past my car, on the drivers side, to a van parked in front of me. She gave me a very worried look as she went by.

I turned to look at what was happening on the dock to see the man holding the gun looking around for the other one, who was gone. He and I realized at the same time that he had been talked out of letting the girl go by an undercover policeman. He started yelling at the guys on the dock for letting someone new into the “group” so easily. Then he pointed the gun toward where the van had been, but it was gone. So he pointed it at me, then fired. The round went through my windshield. I wondered aloud if my insurance was going to cover a bullet hole.

I had felt something click in my chest. I looked at the hole and tried to figure the angle of trajectory and determine where the bullet ended. I felt my thick wool jacket for a gap. Finding none, I dug into my shirt to feel for a tear in the skin and blood. My chest had something wet on it. I looked at my hand in the dark but could not tell if it was blood. I still felt really light in the chest. It didn’t hurt, it just felt like something was missing. I still feel that same feeling as I write this account, twenty minutes after waking from the dream.

The police shot the man after he shot at me. Then they all took off. They didn’t bother with all the men sitting on the dock. Those guys just continued to sit there, backs against the wall. I had to leave too, in order to get out of the way of the traffic. I drove down the freeway with my hand shoved under my shirt, still feeling for a hole. The dream ended and I walked over to the computer to start writing. The feeling in the chest is gone now. This would be a good time to grab a glass of orange juice.

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