It's the Journey

When people dream, they don’t dream of being poor and insignificant. They don’t dream of complacency, of living out their lives in one place doing the same thing everyday and never knowing anymore than they already know. At least healthy people don’t dream of that. Many do not dream of riches, comfort yes, but not riches. The sick dream of having health. But comfort is not found in poverty, and neither is comfort found in sickness. Stupidity is not dreamt of. I am confident that a poll of the average person about their dreams will reveal at least one constant, the desire to move forward.

Moving forward involves risk. It involves failing occasionally. I highly doubt anyone dreams of failure. But our dreams leave us all open to the possibility of demise. We don’t dream of that demise, the dream we have is the light at the end of the tunnel we have to crawl through. For some people it is the attainment, and for others it is the journey. Ultimately it is all about the journey, for those who reach their dreams soon find they are reaching for new ones. Because reaching one’s dream only to linger is just another level of complacency.

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