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Love Deeper

I fight harder now. I repair myself faster now. A beautiful thing happened when that self-destruct switch was destroyed. It was that. I fight harder now. I repair myself faster now. I draw from my confidence now. I exercise that confidence more often. It is only going to grow stronger. I am only going to become more familiar with it. This is good. The setbacks are good. The reflection is good. The fighting is good. The pain is good. The sorrow is good. Because I fight harder now, and I repair faster now, and the muscle is getting stronger and stronger. It is torn down, then it grows back, harder, faster, better than ever before.

I love deeper now. I know what I want now. I know what I don’t want now. The pains of living with what I don’t want prompt me to know what I want and cherish it. And to know that when I get it, I will not have a moment of regret. I won’t have a moment of guilt. I won’t have a moment of unworthiness. I won’t be apologizing.

I’m not living in the past anymore. I’m not living in the hopeful future anymore. I’m living in the present, and I’m using all my energy to make that present the best present it can be because that is my future and my past. I — I am in charge of my life.

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