I have come to understand that people who wish to force control on others, whose political ideologies promote lifestyle mandates and censorship, also have a difficult time with trust. Those people can be on either side of the aisle. The masses are controlled by limits. By too many government programs and by not enough. Their safety nets can be too cumbersome or too far apart.

I’m not talking about laws that govern society.

These people who wish to force control just simply cannot connect fully with others, cannot accept that others have a way and can make decisions for themselves.

I see their point. There are too many examples of people who cannot make decisions. Too many failures.


Not everyone is going to be on the road to progression. Not everyone is going to be equal in understanding how to make decisions. People stumble. The people who wish to force control on others, whose political ideologies promote those lifestyle mandates and censorship, simply do not trust that there will be travelers on that road. People who wish to take that journey, though, need to feel they are trusted. They don’t need mandates to “do,” or “censorship” when they fail. Trust sets them free. What they do with it is just as important as having it.

It is really just about ideology. These people who wish to force control just say, “I don’t like the way someone on the radio thinks so I am going to censorship him or her away from the microphone because I don’t trust that you will process their information my way. Your mind does not work right. Through mandates, I can create a landscape for which your mind will function the way I think best. I can do this to you because of my education. Because of my status. I may even teach that there are no labels on the human soul, but I operate within a perimeter of regurgitated ideas and orchestrated behavior.”

Learn to say Fuck You.

Chris Plante

October 29, 2018

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