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Moving Life

My wife and two boys and I attended a wedding this past weekend. Weddings, births, and funerals are the hyper reminders of how life moves forward and backward on a multibillion lane highway. This nice young couple was just starting their lives together. Between the two of them they had two dreams that will combine into one dream with two interpretations. While they were beginning their lives, some of the guests, with their golden years far behind them, were looking at the end of their own. Some had just multiplied their families, and some had, or will soon, be dividing and taking separate paths. Everyone of their guests had a dream once, some of them were living it, some were picking up what pieces were left and on the path to creating new ones, and some were preparing to close their eyes for good.

Everyone was sharing the moment of life moving forward. It happens in an instant, and then it is just a memory. We video it, take pictures of it, and we drink to it. When the bride and groom kiss we all embrace a joyous future for them both. When a new breath is taken we cry to the beauty of the future ahead, and when the last breath is drawn we cry to the beauty of the past left behind.

It’s happening all the time. And each of us get to experience our moment of it.

Chris Plante

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