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My Construct

Reality has caught up to me. Life has been a construct, designed by me to serve me. Reality does not serve me. Of course it doesn’t. I doubt it serves anyone. Life is a construct of each mind. Seven-billion-plus constructs going on at the same time. Added to those are the energy of the constructs past of hundreds of billions of souls who have lived and died— energy that is all around us, all the time. And in the face of all that effort from those who have lived and died, stands reality. Always there. My construct is just one of those. As is my reality.

I’m going to make this mine and own it. Sure, reality has caught up to me. And it hurts. But this is me reacting, the situation is just a blank canvas. It has no meaning until I personalize it. Where do I want the story to go? (this is where I find myself right now, that's all it is). I must accept where I am without judgment, relax and gain an open perspective. This is how I can win the mind game. Centered and at peace I am positioned to create any response I desire. I am not wasting time. I simply experience being here. Nothing more, nothing less.

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