No One Wants to be Old

I have never met anyone who wanted to be old. Sure, kids want to grow up sooner than time will allow them to, but even when they reach that age when they consider themselves grown up, they still don’t want to be old. That being observed, then, it could easily be concluded that the majority of people on this planet would like to hold on to their youth. People want to look young, feel young, and do the things they can do when they are young.

It’s a matter of staying young, and when time has carved lines too deep to hide and visible for all to see, then it is a matter of feeling young. That feeling thing can go on until the body does not cooperate anymore. Then it is a matter of saying the words, “I feel young,” even though the feeling is gone. At that point it is a lie, but no one can prove it.

Hovered over the casket, those who are, or feel, or lie about feeling young say nice things about the dead stiff with no heartbeat below them. “So and so was always so young,” they comment. They know it’s all a lie, but it is one worth telling, for they know that age will overcome them one day, and that they will feel it too, and they will end up where others have gone before them. But at least they will feel young until the end, and the rest of us will back them on it, and we’ll all feel young for the rest of our days.

Groovy Guru

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