We humans need just a little bit of hope to reason living another day. There has to be an answer ahead of us, somewhere down the road, even if it is decades away, that kindles our desire to keep going. The living want to live. But not only live, to flourish. We want to feel something now, and we want to know that there is always more. Children play in bombed out cars the morning after an attack in some unstable part of the world. The people of London during World War Two danced the night away as fire came from the sky. Without that little bit of hope, even when danger looms, life has no reason. It is better to risk in the face of experiencing something hoped for than it is to not have anything to look forward to. It is better to feel and to die than it is to live and rot.

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I'm not one to let bad people do bad things and not let them get away with it. I'll throw everything at them, including the kitchen sink. I don't care what happens to them or to me. It has to be do