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The Future is Close to Us

I think the best way to project the future is to take a good look at the generations that follow ours. We can forecast what our future will be like with what we know now about our current state of technology, our society, and the mindset of each adult individual in it. But to get a better picture of the future that lies before us in twenty to fifty years, we have to have an understanding of how the youngest generation right now perceives what their experience in life will be as decision making adults. The future is close to us.  Knowing what inspires, motivates, prompts, bothers and disgusts the youth of today will give a fairly accurate picture of what the future will be like. Pretty much everything is in question – our way of life, the financial system we operate in, the environment we function in, and even our political system.

My guess is that tolerances will reach a level that begs reset. Politicians have become too corrupt, religionists have become to rich, and the disparity between the wealthy and the working class has become too great. There are changes happening right now that are setting the foundation for larger scale changes. The crowdfundings and bitcoins of today are a little better than novelties now, but there will come a time when they are a second option. Once the general population realizes the power of, if I could package all this crowd stuff into one phrase, “crowdmotion,” the systems that are currently in place will be insignificant and subsequently mowed over.

But the general public, worldwide, has to be in the state of a unified mentality void of individual fear of failure. That fear is overcome when each member of society has less need. Less need for money, less need for space, less need for things – just a general, overall less need.

The result of this state of mentality, I would hope, would be an abundance of productive time. What future generations choose to do with that time will determine their futures. My hope is that they will keep the productive spirit of past generations alive and better themselves and all of humanity to follow.

Groovy Guru

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