Transfer the Fear

A good friend of mine had to rush off to the hospital yesterday to be with her grand daughter, who is just a year old. The little girl was having breathing problems. She was born with health issues that have been under management with medical care. I just really feel for the parents. I went through the trauma of watching my first son undergo serious surgery, We nearly lost him. But that is not the trauma I am relating to. It is knowing that your child is in pain, and wanting to take that pain away from them and upon yourself, but not being able to do so. For those parents to see their sweet little girl struggling to breathe and wishing they could take it upon themselves is a claustrophobic experience. The world gets very, very small, and all a father and mother want to do is transfer the fear and ensuing hurt from her and to themselves. But all they can do is sit in a hospital lobby and wait.

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