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Transferring Love

Groovy Guru Transfers Love from his Mind to his Heart

I’ve been spending time in my subconscious mind lately. It is a beautiful place that I have built through understanding. That is a very general statement, but it covers pretty much the entirety of all I have done within for the past year. The most recent upgrade was to transfer the love in my mind I had for my family, friends, and others, into my heart. The purpose of this transfer was to keep the love pure, which it is in the heart, rather than tainted by expectations and judgements and projections and a host of self generated ideals conjured up in moments of self generated passion. The process worked. I felt love for those I love in a way I never had. To get to the feeling I went into my very vivid and detailed subconscious mind and met with the movers from Ego Town, a place that my ego resides as craftsmen and inventors and simple working men.

The movers packed up the ideals of my love for others and headed down the highway to my heart. It took them days to clear out the ideals. I made the job hard for them as I lapsed and added more projections and expectations and judgements to the dizzying array of love inventory in my mind. The foreman on the move walked with me in my subconscious world along the trail next to the farm where I grow patience and understanding and resilience and a lot of other good attributes. “You need to grow some more understanding in that farm of yours,” he chided me. I took his advice and while doing so the move was completed. A visit to my heart confirmed that I had made the right choice, I felt the peace there for others. That peace, that un-judgmental love with no expectations or projections for others was immediately applied in reality with amazing results.

Yesterday I had what you would consider an earthquake in my heart. I refer to it as an earthquake because I want you to see all this as images that you can relate to in reality. Without getting into what happen, something that I instigated and was within my control to avoid, without blaming, that earthquake, well, it caused a stir in my heart and sent the love there running for the door and back to my mind, where it tried to make sense of what it saw and heard.

This morning during meditation I visited my mind and met with the movers. They were a little perturbed, but helpful. We packed up all the love into easy to manage boxes and filled the trucks. I rode with them down the highway of my heart. They parked the trucks and left it up to me to unload everything. I went to work. I cut open boxes of love and spread them over the rough, broken in places, terrain of my heart. The soil was brownish when we arrived, and as the boxes were opened and the love was spread that soil took on a healthy red glow, a color and glow you would expect a heart to be. Not necessarily the way a medical doctor would portray a heart, but the way a good children’s storybook would portray one.

I opened and spread love. I did it so long my arms and legs began to turn to jello. My balance was wavering. I slipped into a crevice and fell what seemed hundreds of feet. I crashed onto the rocks and died. I wandered in a stupor and found the terrain of my heart rotten. The moving trucks were broken and rusty, their tires flat. Boxes of unopened love were scattered all over my heart. I rushed to the door to find it corroded shut. I struggled with it and broke it open, then found myself a moment later in the subconscious world I had built. It was in shambles. My home, my office building, my farm, my marina — all broken and wasted and covered in debris. And the beach I walked so many times was littered in broken glass and trash.

But I knew I was not dead. I knew this was only a series of images. I had to fix it. I couldn’t end this meditation experience in that state.

I rushed back to my heart. In meditation, we often use a mantra. The mantra is a positive statement, most commonly in ancient Sanskrit. Mantras have a vibrational quality. All life has this vibrational quality, and mantras, when used, help humans to connect to the vibrations that are around us in many forms all the time. I knew that if I could feel the vibration, then I would experience life again, and then I would feel life and be alive. So I began to say that mantra aloud as I opened the boxes of love and spread them with all my might over the dark landscape of my heart. I felt alive again, my heart glowed red again, I felt love again, the fissures in my heart filled from the vibrations that are all around us, and the love I have for others was in the right place again.

August 21, 2018

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