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Unwavering Warmth

we should be so steady.

I sat down on a cool morning, the wind jostling the trees above, the sun filling my face with loving warmth as it had all my life, and for all the lives ever before me and as it will for all the lives ever after. It was a constant, unwavering warmth, and as its touch caressed I felt not just this physical sensation but the consistency of love that creation embraces us all with each moment of our lives.

I closed my eyes. The reflection of the sun bounced off the windswept surface of the pool before me. The light danced patterns of bright radiance into my mind. “This is where things get complicated,” a steady voice whispered into my soul. “The sun is love. It never fails. But it shines on an unstable world. Love is interpreted, conditioned, distributed.” The voice faded off. I focused on the steady warmth from above. The light continued to dance in my closed eyes, but the surety of embracing love stayed true so long as I reached out with my heart to feel it. As it has all my life. As it has for all the lives before me, and as it will for all the ones to come. So long as the human heart reaches out to feel it.

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