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Vibrations of Life

energy is all around us

During a guided meditation session early this morning I saw the vibrations of life. Every living thing sends off a vibration, in the form of light, and that light travels the earth. Billions of people, billions and billions of living things, all giving off vibrations, their light circling the earth over and over. It is there to see when you close your eyes and feel it. Our light becomes one with all that it encounters, as does the light from all living things. And that is how we are all connected.

A little later I sat in front of my favorite coffee shop before going to work. I like to watch people go by while I sip away. Today I watched energy go by. It was kind of a “matrix” experience. The energy each person emits paces them then breaks off and goes its own way. The air in front of me was thick with energy. It’s not from just what I see, it’s from all life that is and ever was. It’s there to tap into. It’s the one constant that will always be, even after all life is gone.

Late in the morning, I paused to remember the students that came to our music studio just a few hours earlier for lessons. Their memories are real to me, and as I think of them they are in my present reality. Time, for me at that moment, was not linear, but translucent. I thought of them, and at the same time I thought of an experience I had a month ago, and one twenty-seven-years ago, and one for later in the day. It was as if time was in a translucent bubble and I could reach in and experience what I wanted at any “time” in my life past, present, or future, all at the same “time.”

I was feeling the energy of those who had been, recently, decades previous, and a few months prior. The energy is visible. It has shape and takes space in my mind. And in the mind, it is very real. Not only visually real but sensationally real.

I thought of my meditation experience that morning. I felt the sun as it rose over the grass my guide and I sat on. I felt the mat as it warmed to the rising sun. I heard the birds singing in the distance. I saw the waves of vibration going past me as I sat stationary. I felt the touch of my guide as she placed stones in my hand, two black ones to absorb negative energy that no longer served me, and then again her touch, as she placed two translucent stones in my hand to radiate positive energy into my soul.

It all happened hours before, but it was a real in my mind as it was when it happened. That’s because time is all around us, happening then and now and later. The energy carried in that moment never dies, it just moves. It’s there for us to sense whenever we recall it. With open hearts and clear minds, we can feel it all. Time is connected. Then and now and later. As we are all connected. You and me and all living things.

Chris Plante

September 8, 2018

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