Walk Tall

Life is lived a few breaths at a time. Stop breathing for a while and you will see this is true. Life should be lived in a similar way. Plan for the future, set the steps you will take, and take them one at a time.

I saw a young man proudly pushing a wheel chair along a dark road. In the chair was a very small person with crunched up shoulders and a big hat to cover them. I didn’t see any arms. I don’t think the person had any. And maybe not any legs, either, or if they had some they were very short. The young man looked straight ahead and walked tall and erect. He pushed the chair briskly. The little person in the chair was moving forward heading somewhere. Unable to do it on his or her own. As it will be for the rest of his or her life. The young man will grow old and hopefully still walk tall. Proud to be the one moving the little person through life. Giving the person in the chair a chance to see the little part of the world that is home as it unfolds in front of them.

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