Who I Am

I met a middle aged woman who had, because of a brain injury, forgotten who she was. But she had people around to tell her who she was. It got me thinking who I am. Am I who I think I am, or am I who I hear people telling me I am? When I hear myself telling me who I am, is it me, or is it a mix of opinions in my head that sound out in my inner voice? When I look at myself in the mirror, am I looking at me or what people have told me to look at?

I like to think I have a ton of confidence. Am I confident in myself, or am I confident in what others have told me myself is?

None of that really applies to me. I feel confident in who I am, and I’m pretty sure it is my own opinion. But for the woman I met, all that applies. It’s what she thinks every day, many times over. It’s what is in her head.

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