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They came through again for me. I trusted, and that was all I had to do. The warriors of my free mind and my ego worked hard these past few nights and delivered an answer to a problem, not the last they will deliver, but one that was pressing and needed attending to right away. This is what happens when you trust in yourself, and in the extensions of yourself, then let go and let your mind, however you have structured it, work it out.

And it is what happens when you are willing to spend time in your mind, in silence, with the television off and the phone put away and the computer screen dark. When you try to just be with yourself and are successful doing so. When you are happy with yourself, and believe in your intellect, and trust in your confidence. This is what happens when you have studied and pondered and written out your ideas over and over again until they have made sense.

And it is what happens when you are not afraid to ask. And when you are not afraid to wait.

Chris Plante

October 16, 2018

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