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Mother Earth

I’m sitting in a coffee shop having a brew made from beans grown in Mother Earth, looking out a window at mostly earth tone painted buildings, plants growing from pots in earth tone colors, and people wearing earth tone clothing walking to their tan and brown cars. It would be safe to say that Mother Nature is the source of much creativity. She supplies the colors, the shapes, and even the placement for so much, if not all, of what humanity molds into what it needs.

Of all the creatures on earth, it is the man and woman who need tables, chairs, structures, roads, cars and trucks, plates, spoons, pie pans, and coffee cups. Dolphins don’t need coffee cups. But the human being takes from the earth, pours and molds and shapes and brews, then sits down to a cup of coffee and shares ideas with the rest of humanity.

Looking out the window I see parallels, perspectives, circles and rectangles, shapes perfectly fit together by man, shapes perfectly fit together by Mother Nature, materials blended and machined, It’s all formed, fitted, and organized. Squinting my eyes I no longer see the world outside, but rather the materials that earth provided to make the world outside. I see rock and raw materials and lots of dirt. I see cells spinning, and I see energy moving in every direction.

I don’t see any dolphins building anything. But I love dolphins.

I think it is humanity’s responsibility to take the gifts Mother Nature provides and churn them into benefits for every creature on earth. She certainly provides the sources. It’s up to all of us to provide the end results.

Groovy Guru

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