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Boiling Point

Creativity is best expressed when passion has reached a boiling point. Then the desire to produce something, and the desire to please others, is too great to pass up. Complete follow through produces classics for all of us, and those who follow us, to enjoy for lifetimes.

Sitting down to a blank page to write is an act of creating. We create knowingly and unknowingly each moment of our lives. We fill pieces of paper with words and musical notes, blank canvases with paint, turn bolts that will become parts of something, twist metal that will become the other part of that something, saw, sand, hammer, and drill. We sew, mold, and glue. People go to work and they create. Some people create problems. Problems for themselves and for others. But people, for the most part, are causing things to happen. Anything that is not formed by nature is a product of someone creating it. And it all starts with a blank page.

I have been hoping to come across a brilliant idea lately. Something that will just knock the socks off anyone who sees it. Something that everyone wants, so bad, that they gladly fork over pockets full of money to get. I understand that money is nothing more than a form of affirmation of an idea. Throwing anything of value at a person that gives humankind something sock-kicking new is not an attempt of blatant enrichment, it is simply, in its purest form, a validation. I seek validation. That is the true motivator. To be liked, not the kind of like that requires no skin, as in the kind on Facebook, but the kind of like that people are willing to give up a little to give. And in our current society the easiest gauge of validation among individuals is the exchange of money – money for goods – money for services – money for coffee. It just seems to work.

The brilliant idea from the brilliant person is a form of giving. It is a cumulation of long days stretching into late nights repeated over and over again. The idea stems from a stress of thought, persistence, and ultimate confidence.

Brilliance must be rewarded. This is a undeniable truth. How it is rewarded is up to debate, and not the same for every person, meaning it is not always about money. But it is about some type of measured reward. So it has to be something. Even if it is just a cup of coffee, which I seem to have an overabundance of. So I’ll just settle for some money, which for me, just seems to work.

Groovy Guru

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