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Battle for the Personal Soul

Pearl white uniforms and long silver swords glistened in the rays of the light that illuminates my conscious mind sending swift reflections mirroring expert moves to the surface of the granite lined pond on this side of my subconscious. These warriors were battling for my struggle to lose the ego that has been a part of life for so long The ego had it’s soldiers too, and they fought with might, their heavy armor disrupting the peace of the inner sanctuary where my conscious and subconscious meet. But the soul warriors in their gleaming fighting wear had the upper hand, driving the ego back, soon capturing this squad from the army fighting to keep my ego in place. Tied and immobilized, these enemies were soon removed from my conscious and sent into the bliss. The army assigned to assist me in implementing permanently my personal soul rested at the reflection pond, readying themselves for another of what will be many more battles, but confident in their skills and sure of a final victory.

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