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Cannons in Reverse

it's not always about shooting people and blowing things up

I went into my subconscious world this morning early. I sat on the grass and faced the sun as it rose, and just listened to the silence between the sounds of life. All life produces energy. I focused on the positive energy, but I questioned, “how would I handle the negative that surely is to pass my way?” My subconscious world is a very private place for me. It is there to serve my needs. I have a farm, and an office building, and a beautiful home. There is a marina where I sail with friends who have long since past, people I loved and respected. There is a beach where I sit and meditate within my physical meditation. There is a pond where I drop pebbles that have questions about who I am and why I am doing all this – where I watch the ripples as they move forward, sending my questions into the universe to be answered in due time. And there is my ego, in the form of a seaport village, where craftsmen and carpenters and engineers and artists make beautiful things for me to enjoy and use.

Today I was approached by the lead foreman, a gruffly old guy who I have dealt with many times before. He led the team that built this subconscious world I visit so often in my silence. He and his crew broke through the wall that had kept me from finding solitude in my mind and paved the way for me to guide them in creating this place. He and that same crew worked day and night to craft and supply me with the weapons I needed to fight back the frustrated ego that prevented me from seeing the beauty in my character.

“We built you cannons,” he said, smiling. “I don’t need to shoot people,” I half-jokingly replied. “It’s not to shoot people or blow things up, even,” he said while looking away from me and at the cannons, three polished brass cannons standing taller than a man and half the length of a building. “They draw negativity.”

My new cannons were arranged into a triangular position and pointed toward the horizon. Any negative energy was simply sucked into the cannon and sent deep into the earth into a stainless steel container that, when filled, was buried under concrete.

I love going into that subconscious world. I take a problem with me, and it is always solved. I don’t plan or project the answers to my problems, I just take them with me. Sometimes I get a kick in the pants from an old friend, sometimes I get a soothing reassurance from a simple voice, and sometimes I get something to play with, like those cannons.

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