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Change the World

One person can change the world for good. One person can start a conversation that, when it goes “viral,” becomes the mantra that is followed. One person, the insignificant follower, can be the leader. One person with a tactfully designed, level, sensible point of view. A view that, when others let it brew in their minds, promotes a feeling of significance in each of those that consider it. I want to be significant. You want to be significant. Everyone has the need, known or not, accepted or denied, to be significant. We want our conversations to be significant. We want to think we helped make a change. That is confirmation of our significance. One person can design that gift for others, for millions. One person from any circumstance. Study what makes others tick. Study how others want to be heard, right now. Connect with that need. You are never wasting your time. You are never too old. You are never out of ideas. The time is always right. Be the one person who starts something good.

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