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Changing Reality

When virtual reality headgear becomes the norm the future and the past will splinter into millions, possibly even billions of manufactured realities, each real to the creator of any one of them. The past will change for each person who wishes it to. Virtual reality will feel so real that memories experienced “off world,” or in the virtual world created by the user, will carry more emotional impact than reality. Those who have failed or have only attained a mundane existence will more than likely construct a new life for themselves that will have more meaning. They will ultimately contribute little or nothing to reality while they enjoy a level of success they only read about. A portion of humanity will waste away happily. They will become useless blobs of flesh and bones.

There is always a percentage of abuse applied to anything that frees individuals from meeting the challenges of life. It’s just what happens. And there is a percentage of innovation inspired by the advances that free individuals. It’s just what happens. Virtual reality will enable those same billions of people to construct new futures, and with those new futures bring expediency to new ideas for products, managing, relationship nurturing, and governance.

But the rift between reality and virtual reality, will, when used by the majority of mankind, be forever blended.

Groovy Guru

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