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I think the conversation about what to believe needs to be changed. It is not constructive to proselyte a system of belief that millions of others are never going to accept, and who retort in resentment. What is important, is to foster a unity for the commonalty that is shared by every person on earth. The human experience. Systems of belief should simply be the glue that adheres us all the human race, and as a result, to each other. The conversation needs be about how we can all improve the experience of life for one another.

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Dear God

Dear God, I have never come across anyone who has been the recipient of the amount of criticism you have been. And I have never heard of anyone who has been redesigned and spoken for as often as you.

Thirty Five Years as a Devout Mormon

wishing i could have all those years back. I spent thirty-five years of my life as a devout Mormon. I followed the doctrines and did all within my power to live up to the expectations of those I respe

Developed Nations God - DNG

one that just doesn't make a lot of sense for third-worlders. I believe in the superiority of the human race; that each individual is an eternal being of thought and personality moving through time an


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