Creativity can be Developed

just work harder.

Creativity can be developed. Just like exercising a muscle, the more creativity is applied, the “stronger” it becomes. It becomes easier to use, more durable, and more elastic. Ideas flow faster and go farther. Just like muscles. Building a creative mind is a matter of effort. I think the more you see, the more variables your mind can conjure. There are endless tangents that appear once the tracks for a few of them have been laid. The mind keeps building switches and lays more track. The artist lays down so much paint in so many ways that he or she subconsciously creates new art before picking up a brush. The writer types so many words that his mind has new arrangements for him before he sits down to write again. The process becomes easier as time goes on. It is that way for any artist, musician, or dancer.

Of course it applies to more than just the arts. Bankers and builders and doctors come up with new creative ways of doing things that have been done for decades after long nights tweaking with a familiar process.

Creativity is not, then, as much of a natural gift as it is a product of hard work. Paired with an open mind and an open heart, so that the early morning, or the all day, or the late night tweaks are focused on a worthwhile result, any hard working person can be a creative person.

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