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Dolphins, Whales, and Society

I read an article recently titled, "Whales and Dolphins form Human-Like Societies," on The question was posed on FaceBook, from a good friend, if maybe we humans should be forming societies reflective of the ones the dolphins and whales have formed.

So I wrote this response:

Whales and Dolphins are wonderful to be around. Each of us can take that to heart. Whales are majestic, and powerful. They move their mass with grace, displacing the elements only for a moment. Dolphins are happy, content, fun, protective, talkative... the kind of living creatures you can spend time with and forget about time when you do. We humans have two thumbs, like the article points out, but we have awareness, and can incorporate those traits. In doing so we can displace the human traits of hate, anger, fear, profiling (I'm guilty of that one but working on it), force, the ungraceful kind, warmongering... the list goes on - and perhaps have societies more reflective of the beautiful authentic creatures we share Mother Earth with.

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