Everyone has Two Boats

she's so right.

“Keep the Duffy.” “I don’t want two boats.” “Everyone has two boats.” “Like who?” “Like, eh, you know…. (long pause). The Dukenhiemers, they have two boats.”

The man leaned his head back and stretched out as far as the drivers seat in front of him would allow. The woman used the vanity mirror to touch up again. “You don’t have to like them,” the man said. “Just act like you do, for tonight,” he added. “It’s just, I, I didn’t want to do this tonight,” she said.

“I don’t want a big boat,” the man said. “At least get one with a bathroom and a kitchen,” said the woman. “The kids use the Duffy,” she reminded him. “I don’t want two boats,” he repeated. “Everyone has two boats,” the woman said as she added mascara.

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