Get back into the Hunt

I had the good fortune tonight of listening in, and ultimately participating in, a conversation about consumption, the need for more, and the insecurity of not having enough. My friends had had enough of the people living in a posh part of L.A.. They had observed that no matter how well off the people they had been in contact with were, they never seemed happy. The discussion turned to how difficult it would be to be happy having it all, and hinging one’s identity on that basis, because once all was acquired there would be a billboard on the way home depicting someone with more.

My artist friend commented that when he has nothing but the clothes on his back he feels like he is going to explode with energy, because it is then that he does not have anything to hold him down. It is then that he is free to create, because he has an inner desire to have something. Comfort, love, security, peace. Something we all strive to have. But having it makes us complacent, soft, and boring. Working for it is what makes us feel alive. Working for it makes us strong. Working for it makes us interesting. Working for it is what develops our character.

Gather it, store it, and get back into the hunt.

Groovy Guru

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