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Glide up the Mountain

“Make a path, and travel it with awareness. In that state your life will be rich and fulfilling.” With that last bit of insight the instructor eased the class into their quiet personal meditation session. I sat and felt the stillness first, then drifted away. Her lecture filled guided meditation had taken the first half of the session but had only felt like moments. They always seemed to go by too fast. But only because they are so darn good. I locked on to the ideal of a path. I imagined going up a mountain only to glide down with that awareness she suggested. But as I climbed, I made my way easily, and the transverse to the top was rich and fulfilling. I had made my path, but on the way up, not on the way down like it would seem obvious to do. Neither my conscious or my subconscious self were in control. This was a moment when the “self” that I really am took control and showed me the way to live. It’s the bottled up version that is really you, void of any identity, status, judgements, or discriminations. It’s the self that recognizes it is connected with the rest of life. It’s in all of us, the true “us,” and it’s always accessible. It’s smothered by our ego, rarely, if at all, emerging to see the light. But you can tap into it. You can even let it overwhelm you. Just still your mind and listen.

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