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Groovy Guru's Bizarre Dream

I had a bizarre dream the other night. I was taking some strangers to the airport, a large man wearing a suit and his large modestly clad wife. We were on a very short road and there was a brick wall blocking both lanes ahead. They were in a hurry and had a lot of luggage. Before starting our trip I had to load up my trunk and move the grocery bags full of cold and frozen food. After I crammed everything in we set off. Only the car just seemed to go nowhere over a street that was moving fast. The brick wall ahead never came any closer. The strangers were getting agitated with me over our lack of progress. “Cut our cheesecake into small pieces for us,” the man barked, as he handed me a small, rectangular cake on a paper plate. So I drove and cut and as I did I ate each piece. Soon I was looking down at an empty plate. “Hey, where’s our cheesecake?” I heard the man yell from the backseat. Just then I woke up.

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