Groovy Guru's Shark Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was underwater, swimming with a bunch of short sharks. They had big heads, big teeth, and big fins, but if there are such things as midget sharks, then these were them. They were just simply, short. At first we were all just merrily swimming together. Then one came at me with his teeth showing. I punched him in the nose and he turned away. Then another came at me, so I punched him. too. At first I was worried about being with all those seemingly hungry sharks, with no one to fend them off with me and no weapons to defend myself. So I just punched each as they came close. I began to get comfortable with my surroundings – a pack of hungry sharks – and just got into the groove of throwing a well timed punch as needed. Eventually they all left me alone. Perhaps they were tired of being socked. Perhaps they considered me a peer at some point. Or a valuable ally. Or just a guy who could punch.

Groovy Guru

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