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Groovy Guru's Terrible Dream

Let me tell you about a terrible nightmare I had last night. I found myself in a large, cold room. The floor was concrete, the walls were white with the smudge of many dirty bodies having been pressed against them. I was in a large group of men, standing in lines as directed by two very mean, authoritative guards. One of the guards hit a man holding a child. It was the only child in the room. I thought how if that had been my child I would have attacked. The man who held the child just looked down at the floor. It was wet from the blood and urine of others and stunk. I looked around me and all the men had injuries. Some had half of their heads gone. The man standing behind me had one arm, the other one having been severed at he shoulder leaving muscle tissue dangling to his side. I looked down at my chest and it was open. My guts were hanging out. We were all dead. We were in some kind of waiting room. I realized I was not tired, or cold, or wet, or short of breath. I was just in limbo. Along with everyone else. Just standing in line.

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