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Humanity Closed

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And what will we decide to make our world, in a month, three, and the years to come? Will we go back to being with each other, or will we all stay the hell away? What will you decide, and what will trigger you to revert back to the early months of 2020? How many want to go back? How many will live in front of a screen for decades to come? Is that living? Are we content with the obvious control the government has on us that we previously did not imagine? We may have known, many of us who did could not foresee this coming. Closing the beaches? Closing all of all downtowns? Disneyland? Really? The idea never crossed my mind.

None of this is very “groovy.”

I spent some time connecting to another calamitous period of history just this morning. In World War Two people had to give up their regular ways and devote their restricted, controlled, minds, hearts and labors to the cause of protecting their previously known way of life. It was a very disruptive time. But also one of community spirit.

That is what is missing now. Community spirit. Sure, we are “all in this together” and are staying six feet away to ensure others don’t end up six feet under. But we are alone in our fight. Quarantined to our screens where we attempt to connect to others through keyboards or FaceTimes.

We are distanced. I fear for what this distancing will brew. I fear for what this distancing will do for our compassion for one another. We can help our friend now, simply by copy and pasting a link and forwarding it. We can send everyone in our friends list that same link in just a moment. No need to touch anyone, or hug, or sit with them while they cry. We sent a link, now we can go back to that show on Netflix.

Chris Plante


March 30, 2020

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